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Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Induction Motors

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Totally enclosed fan cooled Induction motors

3000V, 6000V CLASS 37 TO 2000kW

HIEGN Induction Motor Types FE and HE feature tough and sturdy construction. These motors employ class F insulation and their dimensions comply with IEC Standards.
A cooling fan, mounted on rotor shaft at end opposite the drive end assures efficient ventilation.
They are easily inspected and maintained, and moisture. Low output motors are provided as CastIron Frame Motors and high output motors, as Sheet Steel Frame Motors.

Cast lron Frame Motor
Indoor Use
Type FEF, 90kW, 6-pole
Sheet Steel Frame Motor
Outdoor Use
Type FEF-O, 90kW, 6-pole
Sheet Steel Frame Motor with a Heat
Exchanger in Sheet Steel Frame
Outdoor Use
Type HEA-O, 400kW, 4-pole


  • Standard Output Ranges : See Table 1.
  • Types and Starting Torques :
    Type HEA -Squirrel-cage, starting torque 50% or
    above of full-load torque.
    Type FEK, HEK - Squirrel-cage, starting torque 100% or
    above of full-load torque.
    Type FEF - Squirrel-cage, starting torque 150% or
    above of full-load torque.
  • Time Rating : Continuous
  • Rated Voltage : 3000V, 50HZ / 3300V, 60HZ / 6000V 50HZ / 6600V, 60HZ
  • Insulation : Class F
  • Ambient Temperature : +40℃ maximum
  • Allowable Temperature Rise : 100℃ for frames 500 or below
  • Bearings : Regreasable ball or roller bearings and sleeve bearings
  • No. of Motor Leads : 3
  • Connection to Load :
    Direct drive or V-belt drive (for Cast Iron Frame
    Motor only)
    For frames 400 or above, V-belt drive available on order.
  • Direction of Rotation : Counterclockwise viewed from drive end.
  • Finish in munsell Notation : 5PB 8 / 2.5(Blue)
  • Standards :
    Dimensions - KS C 4203, IEC Pub.72 (1976), NEMA MG1 Part11
    Characteristics - KS C 4201, IEC Pub.34.1 (1983), NEMA MG1 Part10, 12, 20
1. KS : Korean Standard
2. IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission
3. NEMA : National Electrical Manufacturers Association

<Table1> Standard Output Ranges

* 60Hz only as standard. 50Hz motors available on order.
1. Motors other than listed above are also available on order.
2. Motors Types FEA and HEA can also be provided as Type FEK and HEK.